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GOED: Omega-3s

Always a good idea for you heart

About This Project

The omega-3 market was sinking, losing $149 million in sales over the past two years. The decline was due to a variety of factors, such as negative stories in the media, lower top-of-mind awareness and a trend towards less regular use by long-term users.
So GKV worked hand-in-hand with the Omega-3 Partnership in developing an advocacy campaign to help stem the recent decline in the sales of omega-3 supplements. In addition to developing the advertising and marketing platform, GKV coordinated materials to assist in fundraising efforts. The creative focused on “trigger moments,” or little reminders that it’s time to think about your heart health, such as a doctor visit, a significant birthday or even just getting a little winded when walking up the stairs. Additional materials tell the full story of the many potential benefits of omega-3s.